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 DBG Terror From The Skies Dedicated Bomber Server

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DBG Terror From The Skies Dedicated Bomber Server Empty
PostSubject: DBG Terror From The Skies Dedicated Bomber Server   DBG Terror From The Skies Dedicated Bomber Server EmptyAugust 2nd 2010, 2:32 am

~S~ 305th BG
I am pleased to announce that the DBG Dedicated Bomber Server is
up and running. However we are still tweeking it and hopefully will have
it on HL soon. The name of the dedicated bomber server is:
Terror From The Skies, USAAF Heavy Bombers Air Campiagns.
The dedicated bomber server uses HSFX 4.11 with Zuti MDS 1.12_UP.
Also the other mods/modmaps we use are:
Modmaps: Canonuk Cross Channel, gil 4 Seasons for CanonUK CCM,
352ndvFG Cross Channel and agcz_Biscay
01_Brighter Nav Lights.
You can down load these on the DBG web site @
Also you can get more details on the DBG Dedicated Bomber Server.
The server IP:
As I have learned that the 305th BG flew B-17's out of RAF Chelveston,
in which I use often in the Missions, so this will be the spot your Group can take off from.
Terror From The Skies TS3 Server IP:
The Missions are 4 hours long, due to the fact of the Bombers climbing to Altitude and range to Targets.
Hope you will check out the Dedicated Bomber Server.
You can also check out the stats page @
Hope you will visit and fly on the server. Remember this is strictly a Dedicated Bomber Server.
Dedicated Bomber Group (DBG)
Virtual 97th/43rd Bomber Group (Heavy
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DBG Terror From The Skies Dedicated Bomber Server
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