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 305th Bomber Group in War Clouds

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305th Bomber Group in War Clouds Empty
PostSubject: 305th Bomber Group in War Clouds   305th Bomber Group in War Clouds EmptyFebruary 14th 2010, 10:34 am

Salute all and good morning!

I see that you guys are the 305th Bomber Group. I'd like to know if you guys would be interested in flying in War Clouds. It is an European Theater of Operations server that runs 4.09m, mods are allowed. The reason I ask is because of the fact that you guys are a bomber group and on EVERY map in War Clouds there is a B-17, B-24, B-25, etc. The HVY Bomb Group flies in the server and has great success. The 328th Fighter Squadron, "The Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney" usually fly bomber escort for the HVY Bomb Group. We generally can have a minimum of two to six escort on a single mission. We actually don't take off with the bombers with the start of the mission, we usually let the bombers get formed up, get to altitude and meet them at a certain point on the map. I'm not sure how many people are in the 305th Bomber Group but I do highly suggest flying in War Clouds. They have there own Public Teamspeak setup and you can meet up and fly with the HVY Group or fly together as your own Bomber Group. If so, please let me know, my callsign in Hyperlobby is 328th_Doodle. I'm the commanding officer of the 328th Fighter Squadron, we enjoy flying escort missions for Heavy Bombers. I would post the 328th Teamspeak IP on here but we'd kind of like to keep it as just a private teamspeak, so I'd suggest meeting up with you guys on the War Clouds Teamspeak, ts.war-clouds.com password: warcloudsrox. I'm not an Admin or anything of War Clouds, but if you guys are looking for a server to fly in quite a bit I'd suggest War Clouds.

Please contact me if you want to setup a meeting in the War Clouds teamspeak or somewhere else. I'd love to see your operations.

Blue Skies, Happy Landings.

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305th Bomber Group in War Clouds
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