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 united squadrens leage

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PostSubject: united squadrens leage   December 20th 2009, 6:57 am

how would you guys like to fly with the USL united squaderns leage

Quote :
The USL ,"United Squadron League", is where the IL2 flight sim community comes together with their squads and compete in multiple round, leader board competitions to determine the best flight squad in the world! Your team will fight epic battles in WWII that pit you against another squad. This competition provides a adrenalin rush like nothing you've felt before. Struggle to eliminated ground targets and make it home alive. Cover your wingman in heart pounding battles. Win the points, take the lead, battle by battle, and earn your squad the highest respect in the community...The US League World Champions. Lets not forget last years 2009 champions, 2GvShAD in Closed Pit and CRO in Open Pit. Who will take the title belt from them this season? Will it be your squad?

USL boasts some of the best map makers in the game who want to insure a realistic, immersive experience with historical time sets and plane sets. The maps will be released to the public EARLY so there is plenty of team practice time. How early? As many as 3 rounds of maps released 30 days before the season starts! The USL also has a new structure to insure it's future, boarded by members from several different squads and featuring an Open Pit Commissioner and a Closed Pit Commissioner who will oversee each genre of game play and assist team Liaisons.

Please check this thread often as we will be updating you with upcoming season information and a new registration process.

Looking forward to seeing you in the air.
[MAG]Lazarus - USL Director
[url]blip.tv/play/gdcYgbK9ZgI]usl vid[/url]
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PostSubject: Re: united squadrens leage   December 21st 2009, 12:52 am

i say we join in on the league. We must acquire respect for our group, and prove that we are the best (well, everyone except me). We must strive for victory, for this battle wont be over, until we win. United WE FIGHT!!
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PostSubject: Re: united squadrens leage   January 2nd 2010, 7:29 am

u know, i think it'd be more about getting out there and bombing. with other squadrons, could be loads of fun. i'm in. who knows maybe we'll find a squad of fighters who would love to run escorts!
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PostSubject: Re: united squadrens leage   

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united squadrens leage
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